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LA City Fire Tragedy

Listen to the audio of the fire that tragically claimed the life of an L.A. City Firefighter HERE.

Forward to 16:50 on the audio to hear the first "Emergency Traffic" report.


IC:  Incident Commander

Emergency Traffic:  This is a "mayday" call.  Firefighters use this when a significant emergency occurs during a fire or emergency incident.  All other radio traffic should go silent when this is heard.

R-I-C:  Rapid Intervention Crew:  a pre-formed crew of firefighters that is quickly deployed when a firefighter is injured or lost on the scene of a fire.

Rescue Unit:  A team of 2 firefighter paramedics assigned to a van or squad.

EMS:  Emergency Medical Service

Knockdown:  This term is used when the flames of a fire have been controlled.  The fire will continue to smolder until the fire is "overhauled", or smaller fires and embers are extinguished.

Rehab:  This is short for "rehabilitation", or a safe area firefighters retreat to for recovery during an emergency incident.  Here they drink water, change breathing apparatus bottles, have their vital signs monitored and prepare to re-enter the firefight.

The Newport Beach Firefighters express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Firefighter Glenn Allen of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  Our hearts are with you, brothers and sisters, always. 

Tragic events such as these remind us of how precious our lives are and the risks we face each day as first responders.  Fellow firefighters everywhere, be safe and may God guide your steps.



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